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JUST RELEASED: 2020 Gender @GEMReport says 180 million more girls have enrolled in primary and secondary education since 1995 but girls still face the worst forms of exclusion from education #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl (Image)


The new Gender @GEMReport shows huge progress in girls’ education since 1995, and highlights what must be prioritised for the next generation of girls at the 2021 #GenerationEquality Forum #Beijing25 #Iamthe1stGirl (video)

The 2020 Gender @GEMReport shows that the benefits of maternal education accumulate and can break the cycle of disadvantage between generations #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl  


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New 2020 Gender @GEMReport says that, despite progress, girls still face the most extreme forms of exclusion, which risk being exacerbated by #Covid19 #LearningNeverStops #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl (Image)


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New 2020 Gender @GEMReport says it remains vital for governments to tackle persisting discrimination to achieve equality in education for the next generation of girls #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl (Image)


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The 2020 Gender @GEMReport shows we are still failing the most disadvantaged: three-quarters of all primary-age children who may never set foot in school are girls -@AAzoulay #LearningNeverStops #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl (Image)


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This Gender @GEMReport shows that the fulfilment of women’s rights is intrinsically linked to their education opportunities. Its recommendations must be put into action to achieve full equality for the next generation. - @dsengeh #GenerationEquality (Image 5)


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2020 Gender @GEMReport shows that since 1995, the global primary & secondary enrolment rate for girls increased from 73% to 89%, with the biggest improvements seen in SS Africa & Southern Asia, especially India #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl (Image)


Some fields are still male dominated. The share of females in TVET enrolment declined from 45% in 1995 to 42% in 2018. #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl

Significant progress has been made in girls’ primary education enrolment in 23 countries including Bhutan, Djibouti and Nepal, where gender parity has been achieved #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl

Three times more women are now enrolled in universities than two and a half decades ago, with particular progress seen in Northern Africa and Western Asia #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl

In Morocco, the same number of women to men enrolled in tertiary in 2018, compared to just 3 women for every 10 men in the early 1990s #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl

In Chad, Guinea-Bissau and Yemen, fewer than 80 girls for every 100 boys complete primary school and boys are more than twice as likely to complete secondary school as girls #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl

In at least 20 countries, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa but also in Belize, Haiti, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea, hardly any poor rural young women have completed upper secondary school #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl

The legacy of past discrimination is such that women still account for almost two-thirds of illiterate adults #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl

In 59 countries, women aged 15-49 from the poorest households are four times more likely to be unable to read than those from the richest households #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl

25 years since the historic Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, girls still face barriers that keep them away from school and realising their potential - @ManosAntoninis #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl


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There is a glass ceiling for women in teaching: they are far less likely to be promoted to leadership positions. In 48 countries, there is a gender gap of 20% among teachers and head teachers in lower secondary schools #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl (Image)


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Teachers still expect girls and boys to have different academic abilities, which affects academic outcomes Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl  (Image)


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JUST RELEASED: 2020 Gender @GEMReport says 180 million more girls have enrolled in primary and secondary education since 1995. But despite progress, girls are still more likely to suffer exclusion than boys, which risks being further exacerbated by #Covid19 #LearningNeverStops #Beijing25 #GenerationEquality #Iamthe1stGirl (Image)