Human dignity: the compass guiding your journey through the world's cultural landscapes - CH


In June 1989, Bahgat Elnadi (left) and Adel Rifaat signed the following Editorial. Human dignity was the compass guiding their work as Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Courier, from 1988 to1998. 

Today there are no more unexplored continents, unknown seas or mysterious islands. But while we can overcome the physical barriers to exploration, the barriers of mutual ignorance between different peoples and cultures have in many cases still not been dismantled. A modern Ulysses can voyage to the ends of the earth. But a different kind of Odyssey now beckons - an exploration of the world's many cultural landscapes, the ways of life of its different peoples and their outlook on the world in which they live. It is such an Odyssey that the UNESCO Courier now proposes to you, its readers. Each month contributors of different nationalities will provide from different cultural and professional standpoints an authoritative treatment of a theme of universal interest. The compass guiding this journey through the world's cultural landscapes will be respect for the dignity of man everywhere.

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