ESD Success Stories

ESD Success Stories are showcasing compelling stories with a personal/human dimension from all five UNESCO regions (Africa, Arab States, Asia and Pacific, Europe & North America and Latin America & the Caribbean). The stories illustrate the wide diversity of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) approaches and initiatives taking place in different parts of the world. They show how involvement with ESD has changed the lives of specific individual persons and how they have become more active in their community. Each story centers on one individual or a group of individuals. 



June 2017: CCREAD: Inspiring sustainability education project improves lives in Cameroon (CAMEROON)
One young graduate,who experienced hardship as a child, is using ESD to provide capacity, sense of focus and hope to the socially and economically challenged.
January 2017: Okayama City: public and private sectors united for ESD (JAPAN)
Okayama City is known as one of the most comfortable places to live in Japan.The city offers more than an enjoyable lifestyle; it is also a world leader in the promotion of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).


December 2016: Green Impact: The numbers speak for themselves (UNITED KINGDOM)
The National Union of Students (NUS) UK enables, accredits and awards university departments for sustainability efforts through its "Green Impact" scheme.

February 2016: Being the change they want to see (GUATEMALA/EL SALVADOR)
Asociación SERES, from Guatemala and El Salvador, works with youth to give them the skills needed to bring about positive change through sustainable development.


June 2016: The Green Office Model: Making universities more sustainable (GERMANY)
Students working with university staff and researchers to integrate sustainability into the university’s teaching, research, operations and daily life in general


March 2016: The future is looking rosier (INDONESIA)
The Jayagiri Centre in Indonesia teaches environment-friendly business skills. It helps reduce the number of school dropouts and supports rural residents.


October 2015: It takes a (small) village    (JAPAN)
The small village of Omori-cho in Japan explores alternative paths to prosperity based on community action and sustainability.

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