UNESCO Hamdan Prize

Hamdan Prize 2009-2010

Ali Institute of Education – Pakistan

Ali Institute The Ali Institute of Education is an initial and continued professional development training institute for teachers. Its activities focus on improving the quality of education and professional development for teachers. In 1997 it launched, in the province of Punjab, the “Training and Resource Centers” (TARCs) programme. TARCs offer teachers a stimulating environment to develop pedagogical competencies, facilitates self-training and encourages teachers to critically analyze their work methods. Since 1997, more than 13,000 rural and urban primary school teachers have participated in continued professional training, more than 6,400 government staff have undertaken workshops in capacity building and 500,000 children benefit daily from the positive impact of the 8 TARCs created in the province of Punjab. More

Centro de Excelencia para la Investigacion y Difusion de la Lectura y Escritura – Dominican Republic


The Centre for Excellence in Research and Dissemination of Reading and Writing (CEDILE) is part of the Social Sciences Faculty of the Pontifical Catholic University of Madre y Maestra. The Centre aims to improve the teaching of reading and writing in primary schools. Its "Read and write" program sets up libraries in public schools to support teaching, and provides training in didactics, writing systems and new teaching methods. The program, recognized by the Ministry of Education, has trained more than 6,400 teachers, heads of schools and government staff since 2002, benefiting in turn 200,000 students. More

Centre Congolais Education pour Tous – Democratic Republic of Congo

The Congolese Center for Education for All (CCEPT), located in the region of Kinshasa, is a training center for teachers and management staff of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. In DRC, the number of kindergartens keeps growing, yet there are very few centers for training the much-needed personnel. The CCEPT offers training programs for teachers and heads of kindergartens currently working without the necessary and obligatory qualifications. The one-year training program allows teachers to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge in their field while working. Since its beginnings in 1995, the center has trained thousands of teachers and heads of schools in pedagogical knowledge, the art and science of teaching, classroom and school management all while keeping their employment.