Multilingualism in Cyberspace, Indigenous Languages for Empowerment International Conference

2015-11-27 08:002015-11-28 17:00
4类 - 国际代表大会

The Multilingualism in Cyberspace Indigenous Languages for Empowerment Conference seeks to support sustainable processes of awareness raising about the need for multilingualism in Cyberspace, understanding access to information as a Human Right for indigenous groups, knowledge sharing of best practices for indigenous languages in cyberspace and capacity building for communities especially with endangered languages
This regional conference for Central America underlines the fact that many Indigenous languages are in danger for Central America the Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger shows in total 64 languages in danger: for Belize 4, Costa Rica 8, El Salvador 2, Guatemala 23, Honduras 8, Nicaragua 11, for Panama 8. (see UNESCO language atlas, 3rd edition from 2010,
The event will strengthen the right for access to information in cyberspace for indigenous communities and will stimulate communities of indigenous languages in danger to work on their presence in Internet with linguistic support for digital documentation of oral traditions.
A consequence is to encourage the development, sharing and access to content in as well as tools for indigenous languages. Without local language alternatives, rural and marginalized people who do not understand popular languages on the Internet will remain isolated from access to new information, education materials and knowledge resources.
As an objective of the conference, a plan of action will be elaborated to address the above terms also in support of availability of hardware and software solutions to facilitate man-machine-interaction in different linguistic and cultural settings, facilitating the use of appropriate keyboards, translation with vocabulary lists and spelling check, voice recognition, etc.