Jakarta Technical Workshop on Indicator 16.10.2 of Agenda 2030

印度尼西亚, Jakarta
7类 - 研讨会和工作坊
Fackson Banda (f.banda@unesco.org)

Against the backdrop of the adoption of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, this workshop seeks to clarify the conceptual, methodological and operational aspects of Indicator 16.10.2.

The workshop will bring together some 20 experts, drawn from different fields of media development, to assist with the IPDC's 'custodian' responsibility for global reporting on Indicator 16.10.2 by:

• Analysing the key features of Target 16.10;
• Operationalizing Indicator 16.10.2 in light of the totality of Target 16.10, including highlighting key implications for implementation; and
• Proposing possible data partnerships and modalities to facilitate UNESCO’s role as a custodian agency responsible for global reporting to the UN on Indicator 16.10.2.