Fundacion Bariloche

Objectives and Mission: 

In accordance with Article 3 of its Statutes, the Bariloche Foundation’s objective is “to promote teaching and research in all branches of science, based on a solid, humanist culture and in accordance with the democratic principles contained in the Argentine Constitution”. Undertaking research and teaching in fields related to energy economics, climate change, sustainable development, environment and development, philosophy, urban planning, marginal urban populations, poverty.

General description: 

Create, direct and administer institutes of higher education, institutes of scientific research, conclude agreements with institutions to promote higher education or for the realization of research works, employ professors and researchers for higher education, lectures or conferences, direct seminars, undertake research. Grants for students. Programme of short courses (1 to 4 weeks) including courses on : Economy and policy on energy, evaluation of projects on energy, information systems, models on energy, economy of different sources, economy of the environment and aspects related to the Regulation and the Tariffs.

Country Presence: 
Field of Interest: 
Environment, Philosophy