Women Make the News 2017

2017-03-08 (All day)2017-04-08 (All day)
Special Event
Tim Francis (t.francis@unesco.org)

Launched annually on the occasion of the International Women’s Day (8 March), Women Make the News is a global initiative aimed at fixing global attention on an issue relating to gender equality in and through the media, driving debate and encouraging action-oriented solutions until global objectives are met.
The action for 2017 will be the "Gender Equality Checkup" that UNESCO has developed using the Gender-Sensitive Indicators for Media. We are inviting editors-in-chief, editors, journalists, reporters and bloggers from newspapers on and offline, radio and television to join the initiative by taking part in the Gender Equality Checkup. We are also encouraging journalism schools, NGOs, intergovernmental bodies and media tech companies to participate as well. The general public is also invited to take part by applying the Gender Equality Checkup to their favourite media source during the months of March and April.