Powering Sustainable Development with Access to Information


The speakers at the IPDCtalks are renowned journalists, global and community leaders from the public and civil society sector, NGOs as well as intellectuals who share one common objective: They all work towards the realization of a sustainable development and future. In their work, they recognize the power of communication, freedom of expression, public access to information and ICTs in all development efforts.

The IPDCtalks will give stage to these actors who will share their experience and ideas in the most creative and innovative manner possible. The Talks will focus on showing and convincing the audience how Access to Information and sustainable development are inextricably attached to each other.

The overall goal of the IPDCtalks is to address and find answers to the following questions:

     1. How can public access to quality information, enabled by civil society, media and use of ICTs contribute to the progress of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

    2. How can the above mentioned public access help monitor and generate progress of SDGs?

    3. What role should duty-bearers play to protect and promote the right to access to information (Member States, the media, UN bodies)?

    4. How can right-holders (media, environmental activists, transparency activists, the general public etc.) be encouraged to optimize, seek, and receive information about and for the progress of the 2030 Development Agenda?

    Languages, interpretation & streaming

    The IPDCtalks will be held in English and French. Each talk will be simultaneously translated, and will be livestreamed via our website.

    IPDCtalks Speakers 2017