Supporting stakeholders on education about the Holocaust and genocide

The International Conference on Education and the Holocaust

The International Conference on Education and the Holocaust (ICEH) is a programme undertaken jointly by UNESCO and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) to enable education stakeholders from all regions of the world to develop long-term educational, cultural and academic initiatives that can contribute to institutionalize or strengthen Holocaust and genocide studies and education. The project consists of a ‘conference’ involving senior education stakeholders and international experts working together to design projects relevant to their national priorities and contexts, which seeks to advance these goals. The conference is followed up with measures of assistance provided by UNESCO and the USHMM at national level to facilitate the implementation of initiatives designed.

The first meeting took place in Washington DC in October 2015 involving education stakeholders from formal and non-formal sectors from Chile, Hungary, India, Republic of Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Rwanda, and Turkey.

The UNESCO Latin American Network for Education on the Holocaust

UNESCO has created a Latin American Network for Education about the Holocaust and other Genocides comprising representatives of ministries of education of Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. The Network, launched in San José, Costa Rica, in 2014, meets regularly to foster regional dialogue on education about the Holocaust and, more generally, on addressing violent past events through education.

Within this framework, UNESCO organizes capacity-building initiatives for education stakeholders, for example with Yad Vashem (Israel), the UNESCO Chair on Genocide Education at the USC Shoah Foundation (United States of America) and the Ministry of Education of Argentina.

The Network also serves to facilitate cooperation between international and regional experts’ and civil society organizations and education authorities. Representatives of the Auschwitz Peace and Reconciliation Institute (Argentina/United States of America), the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, the Jewish Interactive Museum of Chile, Yahad in Unum (France), etc have participated in these meetings.