Quality and Innovation in Teacher Professional Development: Issues and Challenges

2017-11-09 14:002017-11-11 14:00
黎巴嫩, Beirut
7类 - 研讨会和工作坊

This conference seeks to create a forum to present, discuss, document and promote rigorous research on teacher professional development in the Arab countries and beyond. Teacher professional development encompasses a wide variety of approaches for capacity building including initial teacher education, teacher learning communities, graduate research programs in university, online courses and provisions, mentoring and coaching and individually guided activities.

The conference aims to shed light on what is going on in the Region, as well as on promising practices to be scaled up.
More specifically the conference aims to address the following objectives:
- Examine innovative models and approaches for teacher professional development (i.e. pre-service and in-service)
- Facilitate productive dialogue among stakeholders (teacher education schools/colleges/teacher training institutes, policy makers, unions, schools) on how to improve teacher professional development.

This conference focuses primarily on two dimensions of teacher professional development: Initial teacher education/teacher preparation and continuous professional development (CPD).