Campus UNESCO "Teaching in Digital Era"

法国, Paris
Special Event

ABOUT CAMPUS UNESCO: To put the expertise of UNESCO teams and partners at the service of the youth for a better understanding of major contemporary issues. Young people exchange on different themes with 3 experts on this issue. Moderation and one of the experts are from UNESCO, others are civil society voluntary speakers. Since 2014, 45 CAMPUSES raised awareness to over 12,000 young people. On major themes such as: sports and citizenship, peace, sustainable development, human rights, girls’ education, genocides, freedom of expression and cultural heritage.
The Campus program is supported by la Fondation d’Entreprise ENGIE.

CAMPUS UNESCO " Teaching in Digital Area" will take place October 2nd, 2017 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am at UNESCO Headquarters, 125 Avenue de Suffren, Paris, Room XI
Svenia Busson – Svenia is a Franco-German graduate who studied political science in Berlin and Management at HEC Paris. She is passionate about the future of life and especially the future of education and impact of exponential technologies on our lives. Svenia is convinced that the biggest innovations in Education will come from the bottom, from education change-makers, entrepreneurs that can evolve and iterate fast. Through the Edtech World Tour, Svenia understood how Edtech start-ups could thrive if in the right ecosystem and got inspired by various EdTech hubs around the world, and that a culture of specialization and a strong community were keys to success. In Paris, Svenia wants to dedicate herself to supporting the French Edtech ecosystem.
Her touch points:
She will talk about the influence of new technologies on education.

Chris Conte – alias « Poisson Fécond », he is a successful French YouTuber and podcast creator. Initially an aspiring psychologist or professor, he started posting short videos on YouTube, with educational content and a good load of humor. He has more than 1 million subscribers and meets a true success among midterm and high school students.
He will talk about the influence of YouTube on youngsters and the promotion of new medias as educational tools.

Florence Migeon – Florence is a program specialist at UNESCO. For the past 15 years she has worked on issues related to access to education for marginalized groups, particularly for Roma, street and working children and disadvantaged girls. She has developed several methodological materials and guidelines and has conducted training workshops on issues related to inclusion, particularly in Africa and in Central and Eastern Europe. She has also had extensive experience in providing support to Member States in developing inclusive education policies, strategies and practices. In her current capacity, Florence is in charge of UNESCO’s activities regarding inclusion and equity in education.
She will talk about the evolution of teaching around the world and the role of UNESCO in it.

Debate moderated by Victoria Dellinger, Public Relations and Partnerships Officer, manager of UNESCO CAMPUSES.