Fourth Regional SDG4-Education 2030 Partners Meeting

2017-10-17 08:302017-10-18 12:00
突尼斯, Tunis

Building on the 2017 Dubai Roadmap, the meeting aims to maintain constructive dialogue, to share strategic information on Education 2030 at global and regional levels and to ensure coordinated support among partners involved in the implementation and monitoring of Sustainable Developement Goal 4 in the Arab region.

At the Second Arab Regional Meeting on SDG4 – Education 2030 held in Dubai, in March 2017, Arab Member States and partners took stock of progress made towards the implementation of the 2015 Cairo Roadmap and adopted the new Dubai Roadmap for Education 2030 in the Arab Region (2017/2018) to guide the implementation of national and partners’ commitments in a coordinated, coherent and transparent manner. The regional Arab SDG4-Education 2030 Support Group is a key mechanism to strengthen coordinated support for education across the region. It aims to enhancing the national-regional-global nexus for effective coordination and implementation of SDG4. In partnership with ALECSO, UNESCO is convening a biannual meeting of the Arab Regional Support Group for SDG4 in Tunis, on 17-18 October 2017, under the overall theme of ‘Strengthening Monitoring of SDG4-Education 2030 Implementation in the Arab States.’
Specific objectives:

1. To take stock of implementation of the 2017 Dubai Roadmap and agree on joint actions for strengthened support
2. To examine options for regional monitoring and reporting of SDG4
3. To agree on joint regional SDG4 communication and advocacy actions