Regarding Afghanistan’s role, especially to the development of Kandahar Valley along the Silk Roads, Chengdu Museum is hosting an exhibition on "The Echo of the Civilization: Ancient Treasures from Afghanistan". from 1st of February to 6th of May this year. The exhibition displays in total 231 pieces of precious cultural relics that have been collected by the National Museum of Afghanistan. These richly connoted and versatile style objects hindsight the collision and convergence of various civilizations from the East and West, which can be traced in Afghanistan art, culture and technology. This exposition allows us to grasp a better understanding of historical features of the country during the second and third century BC.

This exhibition builds on a successful series on civilisations along the Silk Roads, which was held in 2017. Providing a rich historical basis to enable deeper understanding that encourages and vitalizes interactions between countries in the Silk Roads.

In line with the initiatives, Chengdu Museum will invite experts from all over the world to organize various sessions of workshops and academic lectures, introducing Afghanistan’s ancient time culture, in parallel to the civilizations of Silk Roads including Greek, Persian, Roman, and Nomadic epoch. Furthermore, underpinning Afghanistan’s history and culture as the base for a multi-civilization intersection, the museum will launch an exhibition explanation guide, thematic classes, and other interactive programs and activities that contribute to encouraging social and educational learning for a different group of audiences.