The National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO is organizing the second edition of its “International Youth Forum: Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Roads” (IYF2) that is organized in collaboration with UNESCO. The forum will be held in Changsha and Nanjing, China from 21-26 May 2018. IYF2 will bring together more than 60 international delegates, aged 18-30, from 45 different countries along the maritime and terrestrial Silk Roads.  The forum is aimed at youth who are considered to be the most dynamic group in contemporary society.  Their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit aid in the advancement of meaningful dialogue and change.   

The United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030 acknowledges the key role of culture in solving sustainable development challenges through its emphasis on heritage and creativity.  The first session in Changsha (21-23 May) will follow this theme of advancing heritage, creativity, and development. It will encourage youth to actively engage in creative industries, and to preserve and promote our common cultural heritage of the Silk Roads.  The focus of the second session in Nanjing (24-26 May) will promote literature and intangible cultural heritage for development.  Participants will also attend the opening of the “8th World Historical & Cultural Cities Expo” on 25 May. During this time, they will take part in a series of symposia regarding the legacy of literary influence along the Silk Roads. Other events include interactive workshops about ancient book preservation techniques, experimental arts exhibitions, and field visits to heritage sites, libraries, and universities.

The forum will culminate in an extended three-week session for eight selected participants entitled, “Experience Changsha Media Arts and ICH Program” (28 May-15 June).   It will offer those with experience in media arts an opportunity to hone their artistic skills while furthering their knowledge about traditional Chinese craftsmanship.  Selected pieces may be showcased in the Hunan Media Arts Gallery, which will later join the Changsha – Media Arts City Exhibition.  


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