The Expert Meeting on the Food production and Gastronomy theme of the Interactive Atlas of Cultural Interactions along the Silk Roads will be held in Kharkhorin, Mongolia, from 16 to 18 July 2018. This meeting of experts is organized by UNESCO in close collaboration with the Academy of Science of Mongolia. Renowned international and Mongolian experts will attend this meeting in order to discuss tangible elements that have been exchanged in the field of gastronomy and food production between different regions and cultures along the Silk Roads. 

While the current context of globalization is faced with mistrusts and conflicts, the Silk Roads offer an instructive example of a long-lasting legacy of exchanges, dialogue and cooperation - a potential basis for sustainable peace and development. Through the development of the Interactive Atlas Cultural Interactions along the Silk Roads, UNESCO aims to highlight the rich history and common heritage that flourished along the Silk Roads.

This expert meeting will be followed by an international conference on “Silk Roads and Nomadic Cultures” that will be held on 18 July 2018, which will be organized by the Academy of Science of Mongolia. During the conference, international experts will study and discuss the contribution of nomads to the cultural exchanges along the Silk Roads.